1. 5 L, MRP: Rs. 825/-
  2. 750 ml, MRP: Rs. 130/-

5 Lt

The product is made with well accepted and proven efficacious  herbal  oils, like. Neem, camphor, Eucalyptus etc,. for controlling bacteria and green surfactants. It has good and long lasting aroma. This  floor cleaner is well appreciated by number of clients/customers because of its bacteria and crawling insects controlling property.  It gives pleasant and acceptable odour in the entire cleaning area.


  • 100% boiodegradable
  • Safe to use
  • Free stains and bacteria


Claims: Kill all germs and remove Dirt

Directions for Use: Pour 30 ml of Dr. 3+ Floor cleaner in half bucket of water (10 L), use the solution to mop the floor. Use undiluted liquid to clean the wash basic for the best results.